Customize the Core Drivers reports with competency feedback

April 18, 2023

We're thrilled to announce the launch of custom Core Drivers reports — the ultimate tool for building talented teams and leaders.

A robust competency framework is the foundation of a great talent strategy. With the latest update to the Deeper Signals platform, you can now add your own competency feedback to the Core Drivers report.

The result? Every individual can now receive the feedback to develop the key soft skills that are needed to thrive in your organization. Here's how it works:

👩‍💻 Decode your competency framework

First, we decode your competency framework and map its key behaviors onto our Core Drivers model. Informed by science and data, we build custom competency algorithms that accurately measure your competencies. Next, our talent experts will then create custom report feedback for each of the measured competencies.

✉️ Invite your people

Invite your teams and leaders to complete the Core Drivers using the Deeper Signals platform. It takes just 7 minutes to complete and offers an engaging assessment experience. Users instantly receive their custom feedback report and can begin their development journey.

🌱 Grow key competencies

Users receive targeted and personalized competency feedback. Carefully designed to be personable and practical, users can quickly understand their strengths and development opportunities. Build more engaging leaders and cohesive teams with interactive coaching experiences. Help everyone unlock their full potential and deliver results.

Schedule your demo

Customized Core Drivers reports are the perfect solution to help you build an agile, engaged and effective workforce. To learn more about how our tools can help your organization, schedule a quick, 10-minute demo.

This new update is the latest addition to our modern assessment platform, helping coaches and enterprises provide highly personalized and impactful L&D experiences.

Check out the full release notes to see what other features were included in this exciting platform update.

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