Deeper Signals and Quint are democratizing self-awareness in India

Reece Akhtar
April 11, 2023

In an effort to empower organizations with the tools to build self-aware and high performing workforces, Deeper Signals and Quint are expanding their exclusive partnership to bring cutting-edge assessment tools to India.

Quint is Italy’s premier talent management consultancy and has been an exclusive partner since 2021. Together, we have helped large enterprises in the banking, insurance, and insurtech industries drive business performance and help thousands of individuals unlock their talent potential.

This expanding partnership combines Deeper Signals’ expertise in modern personality assessment, talent analytics and coaching tools with Quint’s industry knowledge and expertise to provide Indian organizations with the data they need to identify and develop the critical talent that drives change and performance.

Using data-driven tools powered by machine-learning, individuals can now receive feedback to achieve their professional goals and leaders can gain unparalleled insight into their teams. This partnership is changing how organizations identify and develop talent, and Quint is now able to help leaders deeply understand their people, teams and cultures, and develop data-driven people strategies that drive performance, innovation and growth.

The Indian workforce is rapidly evolving with the advent of modern technologies and changing work environments, and the need for agile, adaptive, and skilled workforces has become crucial for success.

Prateek Dhingra, CEO and Co-Founder at Quint India highlights: “With India's growing digitalization, adoption of generative AI into practice and the switch to hybrid mode of working, it has now become important for teams to learn to leverage their soft skills”. He added, "Deeper Signals provides organizations with the most scientific, modern and practical assessment tools available. They give every employee the insight they need to do their best work.”

Co-founder and CEO of Deeper Signals, Reece Akhtar, expressed his enthusiasm on this collaboration, saying, “Quint has a proven record turning organizations from good to great. They know exactly how to develop and deliver talent assessment strategies that drive the bottom line. We couldn’t be more thrilled to bring our partnership to India, a new opportunity to build a more self-aware world.”

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