Talent Assessments Partners will bring Deeper Signals to the Nordics

Reece Akhtar
May 9, 2023

Deeper Signals and Talent Assessment Partners (TAP) are proud to announce an exclusive partnership that will empower Nordic organizations with the tools to build self-aware and high-performing workforces. TAP is a leading Nordic talent management consultancy that brings deep industry knowledge and expertise to the collaboration. Deeper Signals complements TAP's skills with modern personality assessments, talent analytics, and coaching technologies.

Together, Deeper Signals and TAP will provide Nordic organizations with data-driven tools powered by machine-learning and science to help them identify and develop the critical talent that drives change and performance. 

The rapidly evolving Nordic workforce requires agile, adaptive, and skilled workforces for success in a changing work environment. Sys Spogard, co-founder, and Director of Operations at TAP, writes: “People achieve great things when they receive great feedback. Unfortunately, most people go through their careers never fully understanding where their strengths lie or what is holding them back. Powered by Deeper Signals’ assessment technologies, TAP will help organizations build future ready workforces where every employee can realize their full potential”.

Co-founder and CEO of Deeper Signals, Reece Akhtar, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, saying, “The team at TAP have a long history of building great leaders and teams. We are thrilled and honored to partner with them. Together, we will build highly engaged and effective teams in the Nordic region”.

For more information on how TAP is using Deeper Signals’ suite of modern talent assessments, please contact hello@deepersignals.com or info@talentassessment.dk.

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