Introducing DynaMo

Activate insight and unlock action with dynamic in-the-moment feedback for everyone.

Feedback for all, not the few
Give every employee personalized and practical feedback that unlocks their potential. Built for the modern organization and powered by the Core Drivers, DynaMo activates self-awareness to improve the way people make decisions and work together.
How it works
The beginning of any development journey is always the hardest part. Dynamo makes this easy by providing the spark to move from self-awareness to self-improvement.
Your teams tell us about themselves using a short, scientific assessment of their soft skills and gaps.
We listen carefully and provide you with behavioral insights that will unlock a deep awareness of how people work.
Your team receives dynamic in-the-moment feedback to activate their awareness and support continued growth.
Activate awareness

One of the challenges with traditional assessments is that there's no way to act on your new self-awareness.

No longer.

Dynamo provides curated, continuous, and pragmatic feedback to help your people unlock their full potential.

Who benefits from Dynamo?
How can you help your employees work well together, deeply understand each other and reach their full potential?
Increase self-awareness
Manage blindspots
Personalize development
Improve collaboration
Work inclusively
Nurture innovation
Improve  effectiveness
Align talent to your culture
Build fit for purpose teams

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Powered by science and data, DynaMo is built for the modern organization. Help everyone unlock their potential with bitesized and personalized feedback that fits your schedule. Discover how DynaMo will improve how your teams work together.

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