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HR analytics understands numbers. Deeper Signals understands people. Magic happens when they are brought together.

Of the variation in employee engagement can be explained by personality differences.
Of job performance can be explained by personality differences.
Of regrettable attrition could be avoided through personalized learning and development

Deeper Signals brings together a unique understanding of people and data. Their data scientists helped us build tools and dashboards that provided unique insight into how we match jobs to people.

Stacey Force
Vice President, ManpowerGroup
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people analytics solutions

Can you afford to invest in people analytics solutions without understanding people? We help organizations tightly integrate personality data with their HRIS data to reveal new insights into how people work.
data is key

Each year organizations waste billions of dollars trying to attract and retain the right people in key roles. Yet, people are still disengaged and the workforce remains ineffective. Rather than playing things by ear and trusting intuition, we can leverage data and science to make decisions that align talent with strategy.


Can you engaged introverts and extroverts the same way? Over 50% of employee engagement is explained by individual differences. Yet, most engagement solutions are one-size-fits-all interventions.

Deeper Signals integrates personality data with your engagement data to build  targeted and personalized interventions that change behavior, boost engagement, and lower attrition.

cognitive diversity

Organizations that have talent with diverse cognitive styles are more innovative and outperform their competition. Deeper Signals uses machine learning and AI to measure the cognitive diversity of  teams and functions. These insights power data-driven decisions to help you build high-performing teams with “deep diversity”.

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