Every team needs a coach

Team Sprints are short, targeted, coaching programs designed to produce high performing teams.

  • Unlimited coaching
  • Immediate and lasting impact
  • Improved alignment
  • Increased collaboration
Get started in three steps
Take an assessment
Start with a team assessment to increase self-awareness and identify your team's talents and obstacles.
Meet your team coach
Partner with a Team Coach and use assessment results to create a strategic plan for change.
Start your sprint
Jump-start change and learn new team behaviors through personalized coaching, workshops and feedback.
Transform your team, transform your business.

Team Sprints bring out the best in your people through an engaging, personalized, and data-driven coaching program that guarantees sustained team cohesion and performance.

AssessmentA screenshot of Deeper Signals Learning JourneyA screenshot of a team report on the Deeper Signals platform.
Team sprints

Team Sprints offer modern assessments, group sessions, and personalized growth strategies. We meet each and every team on their unique journey and fuel their transformation.

The Core Drivers and Core Values are short, data-driven assessments that identify unique strengths and gaps, and provide each team member with the scientific feedback  they need to thrive.

Through a unique blend of digital and live coaching  experiences, team members embark on a journey that raises self-awareness and jump-starts personal and team development .

Real-time analytics provide leaders with unparalleled insights into their team's development. Track progress of each Team Sprint, and visualize its impact on the metrics that matter most.

An optimized and targeted team coaching solution

In 45 days you can elevate your team's performance using a blend of data-driven assessments, personal coaching, and targeted workshops.

Week 1-2

Step 1

Your team completes the Core Drivers and Core Values assessment, discovering something new about how they show up at work and in their team.

Step 2

A Deeper Signals Coach combines dynamic team data and personalized insights into a stimulating self-awareness experience for the whole team.


Team members can identify, understand and own their professional strengths and risks, and their impact on the team.
Week 3-4

Step 1

Coaches work with the team to define their individual and team goals and explore how their strengths and risks impact their team mission.

Step 2

Each employee gets unlimited personalized coaching and the tools they need to create a growth plan and transform team performance.


The team is tightly aligned on shared challenges and goals, and are committed to a collective plan for behavior change.
Week 5-6

Step 1

Leaders dive into our comprehensive data-driven team dashboards while a coach leads the team through a transformational workshop experience.

Step 2

Members join peer coaching circles to create a supportive learning culture, build deeper relationships and jump-start self-directed growth.


More aligned and self-aware than ever, your team is now positioned to take on the challenges of the future.
Start your Team Sprints and transform teamwork
"The 45-day team coaching sprint from Deeper Signals transformed the way our team collaborates and cares for each other. This isn’t traditional coaching – it’s time bound, targeted and it works"

Richard Kirschner- CEO,  DirectBooks

dive deeper
  • How is a Team Sprint different than traditional coaching?

    Traditional coaching focuses on the individual, leading to personal and professional development in a vacuum. It is also a costly, long-term, and open-ended experience. In today's modern, hybrid and fast moving world, great things are achieved by working  closely with others in real time. Team Sprints are designed with this reality in mind. They are goal-driven, time bound, and built to level-up teams by shaping dynamics, norms and culture.

  • How long does a Team Sprint last?

    A typical Team Sprint lasts between 45 and 90 days. Team Sprints can also be customized to accommodate groups who prefer an intense and quick experience, or those that would rather move at a slower pace and immerse themselves in the journey. Either way, the outcome will be a transformed, cohesive and self-aware team.

  • What does unlimited coaching mean?

    Unlimited coaching means exactly that! For the duration of the Team Sprint, each team member can meet with their coach for an unlimited number of 30 minute virtual 1:1 coaching sessions. Additional coaching subscriptions will be available via our network of accredited coaches. Coming soon, team members can even chat with their coach directly from the Deeper Signals platform.

Teams Transformed

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Deeper Signals is built on science and cutting-edge technology, but our approach is human. Becoming your best self is much easier when you have team support. Team Sprints offer modern assessments, group sessions, and personalized growth strategies. We meet each and every team on their unique journey and fuel their transformation.

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