Trust in Your HR Assessments

  • Verify that your assessments tools are equitable and unbiased
  • Audit your AI systems for compliance and fairness
  • Ensure your hiring and succession process is transparent, fair and effective
  • Receive detailed, actionable audit reports and remediation support
  • Avoid the risks associated with biased hiring practices
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Did you know that?
of organizations are already using AI
of leaders are unaware how their teams are utilizing AI
of bias in AI stems from human bias, not technology
of companies proactively measure trust in AI
Deeper Signals Assessment Advisory Service
We conduct comprehensive audits of your HR assessments to ensure they are fair, unbiased, and legally compliant. Our expert advisory team works with senior leaders to safeguard your organization against potential risks associated with AI tools and hiring practices.

Collectively, we have over 200 years of experience designing, developing and auditing HR assessments. We have worked with some of the world's largest organizations to help them design fair and unbiased assessmnts.

"Using Deeper Signals | Verify has been a game-changer for our organization. Their audit of our assessment stack, AI and hiring practices ensured we met all compliance standards and eliminated bis risk we didn't know we had. The offered us clear, actionable insights that significantly enhanced our HR processes, as well as ongoing support that has given us the confidence to innovate while maintaining fairness and transparency.
Why  Audit?
Auditing your HR and AI Assessment systems and hiring practices is critical to ensure fairness, compliance, and trust within your organization. By identifying and mitigating biases, you not only protect against potential financial, legal, and reputational risks but also foster a more inclusive and trusting workplace culture. Comprehensive audits help you demonstrate a commitment to ethical AI use, build employee confidence, and maintain a competitive edge in innovation while adhering to regulatory standards​
Display Fairness
Offer quantitative measures of assessment differences across subgroups to build employee and customer trust.
Prove Reliability
Showcase the integrity of your HR technology and assessments to demonstrate it's robustness to unintended discrimination.
Decrease Risk
Reduce financial, legal and reputational risk by proactively auditing how your employees are using AI in hiring decisions.
Vendor Review
Protect your company from malicious vendors by reviewing assessments and AI decisions for reliability, validity and consistency.
Why Deeper Signals?
Expert Guidance
Receive ongoing support and insights from our team of world-leading experts. We offer bespoke compliance guidelines and help with stakeholder communication to ensure your HR tech stack is robust and trustworthy.
Comprehensive Audits
Our audits cover all critical areas, including bias, efficacy, and explainability, across the entire selection and promotion process. We provide detailed, regulation-specific assessments and actionable strategies tailored to your organization’s needs.
Case Studies and Resources
Learn from real-world examples and access a wealth of resources designed to help you maintain the highest standards in HR technology. Our extensive assessment expertise and custom mitigation strategies ensure your organization remains ahead of the curve.
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Hear from our trusted partners
Manuella Oliveira
Head of People & Culture at Omega Energia
Lara Menke
Simone Gargenti
CEO at Quint
Donna Scarola
Chief People, Purpose & Culture Officer at Parcl
Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
Co-founder of Deeper SignalsChief Innovation Officer at ManpowerGroupProfessor of Business Psychology at University College London and Columbia University
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Schedule a call with Deeper Signals | Verify to learn about how our team can help you become confident in the fairness of your HR processes. We have collectively over 200 years of assessment development experience, and we bring all of that to the table with the many Fortune 100 clients we adivise.

  • Review the entire organization HR tech stack
  • Assessments that don't discriminate
  • Measured, fair and thorough approach
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  • Scalable interventions for growth
  • Measureable data, insights and outcomes for high performance
  • Proven scientific expertise that links results to outcomes
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