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A self-service platform that makes it easy to invite and manage users. Gain powerful analytics provides deep insights in real-time.

Invite users with smart links or personalized emails. Follow-and track adoption.
A powerful analytics suite provides you with deep insights in real-time.
Build fit-for-purpose teams by comparing and contrasting your talent.

"The Deeper Signals platform sets the standard in innovative personality assessments. Our users love it"

Deepanjali Lahiri
Director, Shorlist
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Upon completion of a five minute assessment, every user receives an interactive report that provides engaging, deep insight into how they feel, work and live. The report has three components.

The first section of the report focuses on your three Core Drivers. These are the main components of your personality, and help you become more self-aware of how you experience the world and work with others.

The Core Drivers describe your unique strengths, however, these strengths can become overused when you are stressed. The risks section maps the ways your Core Drivers become your risks, and provides tips to manage them.

The Digital Coach section provides resources that have been uniquely curated to help you turn insights into action. The learning journeys, articles, podcasts, and videos are unique to you and will help you understand what it means to be a leader with your Core Drivers.

  • Invite users via smart URLs or personalized emails.
  • Track user completions and send automatic reminders.
  • Manage groups and accounts to organize your workflow.
  • Export data to CSV and PDFs.
  • Advanced integrations, webhooks, and APIs.
  • Users receive interactive reports at assessment completion.
  • Reports are engaging and relatable.
  • Users discover actionable feedback on their Drivers, Values and Risks.
  • Digital coach provides continuous development driving behavior change.
  • Real time analytics and reporting suite
  • Design your own charts and graphs
  • Dynamically compare users and teams
  • Add and remove users from group
  • Use advanced filters to identify unique profiles
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