The deeper signals team
The amazing talents behind Deeper Signals
CEO, Founder
Reece Akhtar
COO, Founder
Uri Ort
Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
Dave Winsborough
David Ahrendt
Richard Kerschner
Board Member
Miriam Ort
Head of Coaching & Development
Stephanie Sands
Director of Sales and Business Development
Miranda Hanes
Operations Manager
Marija Žižić
QA Lead
Himanshu Bakshi
Ciso & DevOps Lead
Marko Bilandžić
People Analytics Lead
Nilima Ajaikumar
Product Manager
Danijela Milić
Lead Frontend Developer
Matej Bernatović
Senior Frontend Developer
Shoieb Rahman
Senior Backend Developer
Mladen Sajko
Senior Software Engineer
Pavlo Cherniavskyi
Support Technician
Thai Ky
Localization Manager
Dimi Kontogianni
Lead Psychometrician
Sonia Codreanu
IO Psychologist
Shruti Bora
IO Psychologist
Anjana Unni
Dariia Komarova
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Our Values
At Deeper Signals we’re on a mission to build a more self-aware world. And this mission starts with our team. Through respect, curiosity and a shared passion for change, together, we help each other do great things.
Self-awareness is our mission
We can only grow and do good once we truly understand ourselves and each other. We do self-awareness for a better world.
We are a human organization
There are many cultural lenses, perspectives, and diverse ways of thinking. All people should be seen, heard and supported. Respect is foundational.
Curiosity is our superpower
Staying humble and asking questions leads to progress. Being curious means we are not defensive or afraid. Curiosity is how we learn and grow.
Do or do not, there is no try
Waiting for perfect is waiting forever. We design, iterate and improve. We drive ourselves to innovate, be different, and become the best we can be.
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