Discover your true potential
  • Gain a deep awareness of your true talents.
  • Understand what is holding you back from personal and professional success.
  • Receive personalized and practical feedback to guide change.
  • Stay track as you reach for new goals.
How well do you know yourself?
Deeper Signals helps people gain a deep awareness of their personality traits and provide them with a personalized step by step pathway towards realizing their best selves at work and at play. Think of this as your own personal mentor or coaching program.
Becoming aware of your personality can help you identify areas to work on that will improve your career opportunities.
Become more self-aware, and learn how to develop your personality traits so that you can help yourself and others thrive. 
When you know yourself, you are able to improve yourself.  Learn how to become the best version of yourself, inside or outside of work. 

The feedback from the Core Drivers Diagnostic has really helped me grow both personally and professionally. I’m much more aware of my leadership strengths and know exactly how I can improve.

I was impressed at how quick and easy it was to complete the Core Drivers Diagnostic. It was not only fun but the feedback described my personality perfectly which made it easier to think about my relationships and my career. Thank you Deeper Signals!

I wrote down my core drivers on note cards along with the pitfalls and recommended tips, and I look at them at least every few days. I actually put them up on a bulletin board that hangs on my wall so I see them every time I walk by.  The tips are really effective, and I read over them regularly to see if there are any I haven't been making adequate use of. It's so useful to see both the benefits and detriments of the main features of my personality, because that awareness helps me stay balanced, or in the center of the road, in a way I can also understand conceptually.

The Core Drivers is unlike any other personality assessment I’ve used. It delivers scientific insights through a quick and modern experience that people love. It leaves users feeling understood, not assessed. Deeper Signals tools are affordable and scalable, enabling me to grow the business and deliver more value to my clients.

Ashley M
Steven O
Sofia Jeanne R
Borislav Ignatov
CEO Entalent
Borislav Ignatov
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  • How does this compare to the MBTI test?

    When it comes your development, science matters. The Core Drivers is built upon real science that has over 70 years of evidence that demonstrates its accuracy, reliability and ability to predict real life outcomes. Learn more

  • Why does this cost money?

    The Core Drivers assessment is a research-backed psychometric tool to measure personality traits. To fund ongoing research of psychometrics and personality, and to make sure our tools meet the highest standards, we charge a small fee. Learn more

  • What do I do after I get my Core Driver results?

    Your Core Drivers report includes a Digital Coach that provides curated content and dynamic learning journeys that are carefully tailored to your unique personality. Receive practical advice, tips and reminders and achieve lasting behavior change. See an example

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