Core Drivers Diagonstic

The Core Drivers Diagnostic is the next evolution of personality assessment. Built upon the latest science, the Core Drivers transforms the way we understand and develop talent.

Change Behavior
Personality-based insights and digital learning experiences to help everyone understand their talents and produce lasting behavior change.
Personalize Development
Provide personalized feedback and coaching across the enterprise. Empower everyone to unlock new capabilities.
built with Science + AI
Predictive talent insights that are powered by psychological science and AI to supercharge your workforce.
The 12 Core Drivers
Don’t put people into boxes. The 12 Core Drivers provide everyone with an easy and accurate way to describe how they are most unique.

Built upon the Five Factor Model of personality, each Core Driver describes a set of  behavioral strengths, risks and preferences that are critical for the modern workforce.

The Core Drivers shape learning and development pathways, helping everyone realize their potential.
Science + AI
Developed using machine-learning and validated across thousands of data points, the Core Drivers Diagnostic produces predictive behavioral insights.

Using a unique conversational format,  the assessment is short, transparent and engaging — taking less than 10 minutes to get accurate and practical talent insights.

The Core Drivers Diagnostic meets all industry standards and is reliable, valid, and free of bias.

Learn more about the science.
instantly Self-Aware
Respect people’s time and remove the need for multiple assessments. In one tool, individuals can gain a holistic insight into when they are at their best, and at their most challenged.

Turn awareness into action using an intelligent digital coach. Drive behavior change and talent growth through tailored micro-actions, nudges and learning experiences.

The Core Drivers Diagnostic is the only tool to develop talent and drive behavior change at scale.

The Deeper Signals platform and technology has been a real asset to our business. It has enabled us to scale up on our assessments and to provide an improved service to our customers. The platform is sleek, pleasing to the eye, and straight forward to navigate. Having said that, the real delight is working with the Deeper Signals team. They have a customer-lead approach to everything and are great to collaborate with. They have invested both time and energy to understanding our business and we are very happy with the results.

With many other assessment vendors, they're so eager to sell their services, they come off as tone-deaf and out of touch with our needs. But it’s like you guys read our minds. Throughout the entire process it felt like you really took the time to get to know our business and understand our objectives. I'm also fond of the innovate style of the report you developed for us, because not only is the insight deep, but it's digestible. Thank you!

Healthcare is a complex field. The Deeper Signals team has partnered with us at every stage of the sales, client onboarding, implementation and technological support process to simplify what is traditionally a complicated process. Clinicians and healthcare leaders appreciate Deeper Signal’s unique approach to scaling self-development. We’ve grown sales in this sector by 32% and expanded our capacity to engage this work at the enterprise level!

Ceri Williams

The Mind Gym

Gaynor Parkin

CEO, Umbrella

Alan Friedman

CEO, J3Personica

Core Drivers Diagnostic

Technical manual

Based on data from 100,000 people, machine-learning, and powerful statistical analyses, the Core Drivers Diagnostic uses an innovative conversational method for a quick, engaging and precise assessment experience.

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