Hiring & Onboarding

Hire the right candidate for every role

Harness the science of personality and make fast, accurate, and unbiased hiring decisions. Accelerate the time to onboard new staff and instantly engage your new hires.
Why Deeper Signals?
decrease in time to hire.
increase in job performance.
decrease in turnover.
candidate satisfaction rate.
Take the guesswork out of hiring decisions

Making hiring decisions based on resumes or unstructured interviews is labor intensive and leads to bias. Use our data-driven assessments to efficiently, fairly, and accurately evaluate job candidates.

Deliver an engaging assessment experience, streamline your hiring decisions, and staff your organization with the only best talent.

“The Core Drivers is one of the best assessments available. What stands out for me is the tool's simplistic, no-fluff language. At no point while reading the report are you left confused. The feedback has vastly changed how we interact and make decisions regarding our business.”

Quick, data-driven and efficient talent assessments
We provide scientific and intuitive tools that help you assess a large number of candidates and handpick the right person for the job, every time.
Eliminate bias and foster diversity
Assess candidates against fair benchmarks and gain an accurate profile of their capabilities and potential.
Reduce the time to hire
Integrate with your ATS and use real-time dashboards to search and evaluate candidates against job-specific criteria.
Build a talented workforce
Ensure you have the right talent in the right place, and build a workforce that can execute your organizational strategy.
Attract the right candidates
Use accurate psychological data to select candidates that are aligned with the organizational culture.
Why Deeper Signals?
We decode talent potential using science.
Use predictive talent insights and make unbiased hiring decisions that build strong and diverse teams.
Behavioral insights. Business results.

With global benchmarks and norms, our platform builds high-performance workforces and cultures.
Identify and recruit the very best talent.
Reduce the time and cost it takes to make a great hire with short, scientific talent assessments.
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Hear from our trusted partners
Manuella Oliveira
Head of People & Culture at Omega Energia
Lara Menke
Simone Gargenti
CEO at Quint
Donna Scarola
Chief People, Purpose & Culture Officer at Parcl
Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
Co-founder of Deeper SignalsChief Innovation Officer at ManpowerGroupProfessor of Business Psychology at University College London and Columbia University
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Schedule a call with Deeper Signals to understand how our personality assessments and learning journeys can help identify strengths and weaknesses and reach your full potential. Underpinned by science and technology we build resilient people, leaders and companies.

  • Scalable and engaging assessment solutions
  • Measurable and predictive talent insights
  • Powered by technology and science that drives results
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  • Scalable interventions for growth
  • Measureable data, insights and outcomes for high performance
  • Proven scientific expertise that links results to outcomes
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