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A Team Sprint is an innovative coaching program that uses a blend of personality science, technology and virtual coaching to help teams quickly develop and cement behavior change.

By becoming a Team Sprint coach, you can deliver this modern and 100% virtual program to teams across the globe.

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  • Deeper Signals brings coaching and feedback to teams when they need it the most
  • Join a global network of like-minded coaches
  • Our unique team approach to coaching addresses the dynamic between individuals, groups and organizations  
  • Play an instrumental role in developing teams and helping them realize their mission
  • Grow your client portfolio in new regions and industries
  • Deliver 100% virtual team coaching that fits your schedule and portfolio
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Our unique approach to coaching will transform your business.
Tell us a bit about yourself, your credentials and coaching interests, and complete a short assessment.
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A coaching specialist will reach out to learn more about you and share the certification process, expectations, and benefits.
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The certification includes assessment accreditation, workshop training, playbooks, and practice sessions with live feedback.

I’ve been using the Deeper Signals Core Drivers assessments to help managers understand what they will be good at, and what they will struggle with, in having GROW coaching conversations at work. I am finding Deeper Signals such an asset for my coaching. Better self-awareness makes better coaches, and better coaches make better managers.

At CAIA we’ve been using the Deeper Signals Assessments for coaching & workshops for 2 years now. As a Leadership Coach + Consultant I love the unique combination of their sleek assessment, innovative user experience, with scientific rigour and deep insights - perfect for our startup clients.

Healthcare is a complex field. The Deeper Signals team has partnered with us at every stage of the sales, client onboarding, implementation and technological support process to simplify what is traditionally a complicated process. Clinicians and healthcare leaders appreciate Deeper Signal’s unique approach to scaling self-development. We’ve grown sales in this sector by 32% and expanded our capacity to engage this work at the enterprise level!

The Core Drivers is unlike any other personality assessment I’ve used. It delivers scientific insights through a quick and modern experience that people love. It leaves users feeling understood, not assessed. Deeper Signals tools are affordable and scalable, enabling me to grow the business and deliver more value to my clients.

Gretchen Young
Gretchen Young

CEO, Working Life Limited

Lara Menke
Lara Menke


Alan Friedman
Alan Friedman

CEO, J3Personica

Borislav Ignatov
CEO Entalent
Borislav Ignatov

CEO, Entalent

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