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Practical tips for virtual teams
May 1, 2020
11:14 am
About Webinar

In this webinar, Dr. Gaynor Parkin, a world renowned expert on organizational wellbeing, shares practical tips leaders can use to instantly improve well-being for teams. 

In this 30 minute workshop we explore how you, as a leader or coach, can:

✅ Effectively communicate and collaborate with a virtual team.

✅ Recognize and normalize the different emotional reactions to the pandemic and the sudden changes in working.

✅ Manage the difficult emotions, life challenges, and grief that your team may be experiencing, and learn techniques to foster resilience and recovery.

✅ Lead compassionately and support each team member’s wellbeing based on their personality.

Dr. Reece Akhtar
CEO and Co-founder at Deeper Signals
Dr. Reece Akhtar

Dr. Reece Akhtar is an organizational psychologist and data scientist specializing in applied personality assessment and psychometrics. He holds a doctorate from University College London in Psychology. His main areas of research and consulting are numerous, ranging from talent assessment, computational psychometrics, leadership development, entrepreneurship, social networks and consumer psychology. He is the CEO and Co-founder of Deeper Signals.

Gaynor Parkin
CEO of Umbrella Wellbeing
Gaynor Parkin

Gaynor Parkin is a Clinical Psychologist with over 30 years’ of experience working with individuals, teams, and organizations. Gaynor founded Umbrella, New Zealand’s premier workplace wellbeing company. As CEO she led numerous engagements with public and private sector organizations until Umbrella was acquired in 2019. Today she remains a trusted advisor and coach to senior leaders and CEOs.

Find out more about Gaynor Parkin’s work:

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