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Dive into the Next-Gen Recruitment Platform: for unbiased hiring and tailored onboarding
March 27, 2024
10:00 am
About Webinar

The future of recruitment technology is here. Are you ready to stand out?

Transform hiring and onboarding for both company and candidate with the Deeper Signals Platform.

We have built the go to platform for modern talent acquisition. Enabling you to finally: create unbiased candidate assessments that are engaging, simplify and speed up your decision making based on data-driven but human insights, and finally equipping each new hire and their manager with a personalized onboarding playbook.

What will I gain from the webinar?

Live demo & intro of our platform that provides:

✅ Data-driven and evidence-based assessments

✅ Modern and engaging applicant experience

✅ Practical and actionable candidate insights

✅ Tailored onboarding plan for manager and hire

🌟 An all–in-one solution at a price point that fits your budget!

Dr. Reece Akhtar
CEO and Co-founder at Deeper Signals
Dr. Reece Akhtar

Dr. Reece Akhtar is an organizational psychologist and data scientist specializing in applied personality assessment and psychometrics. He holds a doctorate from University College London in Psychology. His main areas of research and consulting are numerous, ranging from talent assessment, computational psychometrics, leadership development, entrepreneurship, social networks and consumer psychology. He is the CEO and Co-founder of Deeper Signals.

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  • Scalable and engaging assessment solutions
  • Measurable and predictive talent insights
  • Powered by technology and science that drives results
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  • Scalable interventions for growth
  • Measureable data, insights and outcomes for high performance
  • Proven scientific expertise that links results to outcomes
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