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Deeper Signals & Quint bring the Core Drivers to Italy
Dr. Reece Akhtar
Created on
July 11, 2023

Deeper Signals is thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with Quint, Italy’s premier talent management consultancy who helps organizations identify and develop the critical talent to drive change and performance.

This exciting partnership integrates Deeper Signals’ deep expertise in modern personality assessment and coaching tools, with Quint’s deep industry knowledge, credibility and expertise, to provide Italian organizations with the feedback and data they need to build self-aware and high performing workforces.

Together, Deeper Signals and Quint are changing how organizations identify and develop talent. Leveraging data-driven tools that are powered by machine-learning, individuals can receive the feedback they need to achieve their professional goals, and leaders can gain an unparalleled insight into their teams and departments.

“Organizations need scientific and accurate data to make better talent decisions,” said Simone Gargenti, Founder and CEO of Quint. “Deeper Signals is the only assessment provider that meets the demands of the modern organization. Their unique talent assessments and dashboards are accessible, affordable and actionable. Quint is now able to help leaders deeply understand their people, teams and cultures, developing data-driven people strategies that drive performance, innovation and growth”, Simone finished. 

“We are so thrilled to form this partnership with Quint,” said Dave Winsborough, co-founder of Deeper Signals. “It is very exciting to help bring our mission of self-awareness to new regions and in multiple languages. With Quint’s support, we can’t wait to level up the Italian workforce!”.

To learn more about how Quint are using Deeper Signals’ suite of modern talent assessments, email or

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