Discover your Core Drivers in Chinese & Korean

Reece Akhtar
February 28, 2023

We want to help every person, no matter their role, level, or language, become more self-aware and realize their talents.

Working closely with our regional partners, we are pleased to announced that individuals can now discover their Core Drivers in Simplified Chinese and Korean.

Supporting these new languages greatly accelerates our ability to help global organizations develop effective teams that drive change and impact.

In addition to English, we now support 9 languages:

  1. Spanish (European)
  2. Spanish (Latam)
  3. Portuguese
  4. German
  5. French
  6. Italian
  7. Bulgarian
  8. Chinese
  9. Korean

In line with our scientific and data-driven values, each translation is rigorously tested to ensure that all individuals receive high quality talent feedback that positively impacts their careers and development.

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