Feedback is a force for change

Reece Akhtar
February 28, 2023

All organizations have people problems and nearly all of these problems result from failing to understand one another. 80% of people are disengaged at work and 56% of workers report they work for a toxic boss. If we could better understand ourselves and others, our working lives will look very different: fewer conflicts or resentment, managers who are inclusive and responsive, leaders who create cultures that match the needs and values of each of us and more engaged staff as a result.

But how can organizations provide self-insight and awareness at scale?

The better we understand ourselves and others, the more we can realize our own potential to thrive. The argument goes that if we have an accurate understanding of what drives us, what our values are, and how we behave at our extremes, we can be more intentional in how we manage our behavior, energy, and emotions. Psychologists have long known that self-awareness is the key to unlocking growth and development, however existing solutions that are peddled to organizations have long got in the way of self-discovery and growth. Deeper Signals is here to change this.

We are on a mission to revolutionize employee development by providing personalized, super accurate feedback at scale. We want everyone to have a simple, unique pathway towards realizing their best selves at work. Feedback is a force for positive change and it should be easily accessible.

Unlike traditional assessment tools which are expensive, long, restrictive and dauntingly complicated, we marry cutting-edge technology with robust science to democratize self-awareness and insight. The end result? Every person in an organization can receive the kind of personalized development previously available only to CEOs, without the CEO price tag.

One size doesn’t have to fit all. People have come to accept that their Netflix or Spotify playlists will be personalized, so why shouldn’t we ask the same from our professional development? Behavioral scientists have shown that people have varied reactions to interventions. For example, conscientious people are more sensitive to loss aversion, while agreeable people are more sensitive to authority. Personalizing interventions around individual differences will optimize employee development programs and make them more effective.

We aim to provide the ultimate personalization for all employee development initiatives. Our short, data-driven diagnostic suite meets this need by kickstarting the continuous feedback loop, helping employees become more self-aware, personalizing interventions around individual differences, and turning insight into action. Through supporting targeted interventions, Deeper Signals empowers individuals and turns managers into hyper-effective team leaders.

Our user-friendly reports and dashboards are designed to inspire individuals and guide insight and development, while our data-driven analytics platform empowers leaders with the information necessary to build strong teams, fuel innovation, and drive cultural change.

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