Introducing "Learning Journeys"

Reece Akhtar
February 28, 2023

As we adapt to new ways of working, the need for organizations to level up their talent has never been greater. And while talent assessments are important, they lack the ability to drive change for individuals.

If we can provide everyone with intuitive and personalized development experiences, we can empower people to reach their full potential, help virtual teams adapt and connect, and develop organizational cultures that are defined by learning and inclusivity.

Here at Deeper Signals, our mission is to help organizations achieve this goal, and we are therefore pleased to announce the release of Learning Journeys, the latest innovation in talent assessments.

Powered by the Core Drivers Diagnostic, our suite of Learning Journeys extend cutting-edge assessments to turn awareness into action. Learning Journeys are scientifically-designed and engaging coaching experiences that amplify strengths, close talent gaps, and develop new soft skills. 

You can start using the Learning Journeys to supercharge talent development in three easy steps:

  1. Individuals complete the Core Drivers Diagnostic to gain an awareness of their talents.
  2. Each user embarks on their own bespoke learning pathway that provides new insights into their soft skills and how to master them.
  3. Micro-actions and nudges support a continuous cycle of learning and behavior change. Through intelligent reminders and practical exercises, each person is empowered to reach their full potential.  

Learning Journeys provide personalized development pathways to everyone. They are the perfect solution for HR leaders looking for scalable talent development tools, or coaches who want new ways to support their clients. Pretty cool right?

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