Introducing the Team Dynamics report

Reece Akhtar
September 5, 2022

What if you could provide every manager with the practical feedback to increase their team’s performance? Now you can.

Powered by the cutting-edge Deeper Signals platform, every manager can now instantly understand their team's unique talents, and receive personalized feedback to coach their team to success.

This is not your normal team report. This team effectiveness at scale:

  • Feedback is dynamic and immediately updates as teams change.
  • Scientific algorithms offer targeted advice to harness team diversity.
  • Real-time analytics produce relevant and impactful insights.
  • Designed for every manager and team, from the C-suite to the shop floor.
  • Unlock team performance and drive results in just a few clicks.

You may have worked with other team reports before, but this is unlike any other. There are three things that make the Team Dynamics report unique:

Turn your managers into coaches

Improve the leadership capability of every manager. Use technology to help managers understand their team's collective strengths and gaps, and give them the feedback to coach their team to success. Feedback is data-driven, targeted and scientifically designed to drive results.

Team effectiveness at scale

Automated, accessible and practical, the Team Dynamics report scales across your organization. Give every manager and team the feedback that drives collaboration and innovation. Develop effective team behavior at every level.

Reports that change as your teams do

Give managers instant and up-to-date team feedback. Every manager can access a new report when their teams change, and get the feedback to tailor their style to the new needs of the group. No downtime or wasted spend.

Forget the expensive, exclusive and static reports of the past. The Team Dynamics report is inclusive, affordable and dynamic. In just a few clicks, you can level up every manager.

To learn how this innovative solution can benefit your teams, schedule a discovery call with a member of the Deeper Signals team.

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