Leading through challenging times: Five ways you can become a more effective leader

Dave Winsborough
February 28, 2023

As we all adapt to the disruption caused by the current pandemic, many leaders find themselves in a difficult situation. They not only need to lead and support their team through these stressful events, but also have to adapt to a remote and virtual work environment. However, many people find remote work and virtual meetings to be difficult and unproductive.

To help, Deeper Signals  developed this evidence-based, practical 30-minute workshop to give you essential insights into how you can level up your leadership capabilities and guide your team through these times. In this practical session, we discuss:

  • How leadership styles must adjust.
  • How different personalities react to stress and remote work, and how you can help.
  • How to effectively communicate and collaborate with a virtual team.

This session was hosted by Dave Winsborough, co-founder of Deeper Signals, an international expert in leadership and team performance, and author of Fusion: The Psychology of Teams.

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