The Next Evolution of Talent Assessment

Reece Akhtar & Uri Ort
February 28, 2023

When we look at the problems organizations face, they are mostly the result of leaders not understanding their people, managers not knowing how to engage their team, and individuals not understanding their colleagues. This lack of self-awareness and insight is reducing our ability to work and collaborate effectively. If we can help people become better understood and more self-aware, we can make meaningful attempts at improving effectiveness and developing talent at all levels. Solving this important problem is the reason why we founded Deeper Signals.

It is with great pleasure to share with you the next evolution of talent assessment: The Core Drivers Pro and The Core Values Diagnostic.

Our new suite of talent tools produce deep insights into behavioral strengths, risks and motivations, and provide everyone with a digital coach to support personalized development and lasting behavior change.Powered by machine-learning and the latest psychological science, these tools will give everyone in your organization the same insights that a CEO would get from their coach, but without the CEO price tag. Pretty cool, right?

In this webinar we demonstrate these exciting assessments and how they can supercharge the way talent is developed across the enterprise. Specifically, we explore how these innovative talent tools can:

  • Help raise self-awareness and provide unique development journeys for every employee.
  • Empower managers to gain a powerful insight into the cognitive diversity of their teams.
  • Provides leaders with the talent analytics needed to unlock performance, innovation and organizational change.

We can't wait to have you try these tools with your clients and transform the way talent is understood and developed. To set up a pilot, shoot us an email or join the conversation in our dedicated Slack channel.

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