Why does talent development need to change?

Uri Ort
December 11, 2021

Around 70% of people leave their jobs due to a lack of development opportunities. This has been an upward trend over the last few years as people are expecting more from their employers.  Clearly, the way organizations run talent development needs to change.

The “one size fits all” approach that is most often used, fits no one. To truly meet the needs of the modern workforce, everyone should receive a development plan that is totally personalized to them. This will not only result in people performing at their best but they’ll also become happier and more engaged at work.

Historically, the only way to deliver this would be through expensive and unscalable coaching. Fortunately, modern technology and AI now enables organizations to put a digital coach in everyone’s pocket. Serving continuous feedback and bespoke insights on demand, everyone can now get the development support they need to achieve their goals.

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