Why does talent development start with self-awareness?

Reece Akhtar
February 28, 2023

Understanding ourselves and each other is the key to building effective organizations. From startups to global enterprises, scientific studies have demonstrated that teams with self-aware leaders are more likely to achieve their goals and steer their organizations to success. If self-awareness is an essential characteristic for successful leadership, how can we help leaders achieve this self-insight and turn awareness into action?

On Wednesday 22nd July at 12pm (ET), in partnership with RHR International, we brought together Dr. Jessica Foster (senior partner & practice leader at RHR International) and Lara Menke (CEO & founder of CAIA) to discuss why self-awareness sits at the heart of talent development.

Sharing their experience coaching entrepreneurs, founders and leaders of global enterprises, we explored:

  1. Best practices for developing self-awareness at work.
  2. Why leaders should role model awareness into a becoming cultural cornerstone of the organization.
  3. Risks and consequences of lacking self-insight.
  4. How data-driven tools can be used to raise self-awareness and drive behavioral change.

To found out more about how you can foster self-awareness and supercharge talent development, get in touch to learn more.

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