Why should you democratize executive coaching?

December 11, 2021

There are three reasons why you should democratize executive coaching. 

First, executive coaching starts with self-awareness because you can’t change what you don’t measure. And self-awareness is critical for everyone. Too many companies only offer executive coaching when someone has been promoted to a leadership position. However, these companies fail to understand that being self-aware isn’t just useful for leaders and managers, but also for employees at every level.

Second, if coaching works so well for a few executives, imagine what it can do if deployed at scale? Digital coaching and personalized development will empower your entire workforce with executive-level skills that are proven to have an exponential effect on performance and potential.

These leadership-empowered employees are more prepared to take bold actions, make better decisions, manage conflict, improve teamwork, and increase innovation. They will also be prepared to be better leaders in the future. Of course, executive coaching is important for executives as they have an outsized influence on the company, but you can’t overstate the value of scaling executive-skills to everyone. 

You will also find that clients and colleagues will appreciate working with people who are more self-aware. These people understand their strengths and weaknesses, can communicate better, and are more empathetic and introspective.

Finally, employees at lower-levels of the company have the most exposure to new hires and will have a positive influence on them, making your investment scale and become a part of the organizational culture. With constant and rapid change in the workplace, businesses need to innovate and adapt rapidly. You need people at all organizational levels who are capable of producing high-level results. 

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