Winsborough Limited brings Deeper Signals to New Zealand

Reece Akhtar
February 28, 2023

Deeper Signals is pleased to announce a partnership with Winsborough, the premier provider of executive development, talent assessment and coaching services to the New Zealand market.

Deeper Signals are experts in modern assessment solutions. Winsborough specialises in the business of leadership — developing, supporting and enhancing leaders across public and private organisations, both in New Zealand and globally. Together, using their data-driven and tech-first approach, Deeper Signals and Winsborough will offer clients new ways to understand, manage and develop talent. 

“The pace of change in today’s environment requires that feedback be given to everyone in the organization”, said Dr. Reece Akhtar, Chief Science Officer at Deeper Signals. “Research shows that investing in employee development earlier pays off over the entire employee life-cycle, increasing employee satisfaction, performance, and retention. We are thrilled to work with Winsborough to deliver our innovative tools to New Zealand. This partnership will combine our expertise in technology and personality with Winsborough’s leading position in the assessment and development industry in New Zealand.”

“We are so excited to build this partnership with Deeper Signals,” said Ariana Bascand, Products Director at Winsborough. “This is a unique opportunity for us to offer scientific assessments and increased self-awareness to a much wider audience. Traditionally assessments have been focused on leaders at the top of the house. Deeper Signals are changing that and we are ecstatic to join them on this journey.”

To learn more about how Winsborough Limited are using Deeper Signals’ suite of modern talent assessments, email or visit Winsborough’s website.

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