How to turn your managers into coaches

Reece Akhtar
February 12, 2023

The last few years have brought significant change to the way we work, and change brings challenge. The new ways of working have emphasized the growing need for managers to become coaches to their teams.

Unfortunately, only 35% of managers are skilled at coaching their teams to success.

Here's the good news: Deeper Signals' suite of scientific and tech-enabled feedback tools turn every manager in your organization into a high-performance coach. Here's how:

1. Understand their coaching style

Data-driven tools provide managers with immediate insight into their coaching style. Use the science of the Core Drivers assessment to help every manager quickly gain a deep awareness into how they lead and communicate with their team.

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2. Leverage team diversity

Interactive dashboards help managers leverage the cognitive diversity of their team. Gain scientific insights into each team member and coach them to success. Discover how to give personalized feedback and engage your team based on their unique profile.

3. Turn awareness into ongoing action

Support lasting managerial effectiveness with personalized feedback. DynaMo provides managers with weekly advice to help them perfect their coaching style and drive results.

Whether your organization has undergone a lot of change, if you have lots of first time managers, or if you're looking to continue your winning streak, Deeper Signals can help. Using technology and science, you can provide every manager and team with the feedback and coaching they need to do their best work.  

Schedule a demo with our CEO, Dr. Reece Akhtar, and learn how our cutting-edge tools have helped boost the coaching skills of managers from across the globe.

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