Meet the new Deeper Signals platform

Reece Akhtar
December 11, 2021

Over the last few months, we have been at full steam building and shipping new features to our platform, and it's time to start showing the world what we have been working on. We'll be dropping new features every Tuesday for the next month. Each one has been carefully designed to help our users democratize self-awareness and drive behavior change.

This week I'm pleased to share that the Deeper Signals platform has a brand new look!

Easy to use, powerful insights.

Listening to our users' frustrations with existing assessment tools, we have completely redesigned the Deeper Signals platform.

With our latest update, the Deeper Signals platform is the most intuitive assessment platform on the market. Using modern UX and design principles, it is has never been easier for coaches and leaders to deploy powerful talent assessments at scale.

In just a few clicks, coaches can design personalized invites, view feedback reports, and dive into intuitive talent dashboards that guide their coaching and development interventions.

Seamlessly send invites, view reports and dive into talent analytics.

Designed for coaches.

Our assessment platform is built with our busy coaches and leaders in mind. Frictionless and easy to use, our users receive the insights and feedback they need about their talent, instantly.

The Deeper Signals platform is enterprise ready, mobile-first, and ready to help you level up your coaching game. Personalize invites, customize reports and lead your clients on personalized learning journeys to drive development. Use real-time analytics to coach your teams and measure impact.

Used by Fortune 500 companies such as ManpowerGroup and Goldman Sachs, our scalable assessment tools democratize self-awareness and lasting behavior change.

Use personality analytics to coach your team

Get started with Deeper Signals.

Trusted by coaches and enterprises across the world, our suite of modern assessment tools are affordable, intuitive and scalable.

To start using Deeper Signals, schedule an onboarding call with me. In just a few minutes, you'll be set up and ready to start sending out Core Drivers invites to your clients.

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