Turning Awareness into Action

Nilima Ajaikumar
February 28, 2023

Steering our careers has become considerably more complex in the state of flux we find ourselves in today. As we attempt to carve a path forward, in what feels like marshy terrain, we continue to be blindsided by boundless challenges. Navigating the uncertainties of our current environment requires us to anchor ourselves to find a path forward.

At Deeper Signals we believe this starts with self-awareness. In previous articles, we explored the role self-awareness plays in our development. Here we dive into how we can use this awareness to propel ourselves forward. 

Digital Coaching

Mastering any new skill, at work and life, requires dedicating resources to learning. This process is made considerably easier when facilitated by a coach. Our solutions enable learners by supporting them with a digital coach. Using personality insights derived from the Core Diagnostics, our digital coach predicts behavioral patterns that are unique to each individual. With a focus on providing practical, personalized interventions that promote self-awareness, it encourages continuous learning and harnessing the power of one’s unique abilities.

Development tailored to your personality

A multi-faceted approach to learning

Our digital coach takes a multi-pronged approach to drive lasting behavioral change and developing talent.

Personalized learning journeys

While the Core Drivers Diagnostic provides a starting point, individuals are empowered to choose their own development journeys based on what is most helpful to them at that moment. Learning journeys take no longer than 10 minutes and are mindful of the constraints of the modern learner. Key principles are broken down into digestible experiences, providing individuals the opportunity to marinate in their learning, before taking on more.  

Practical micro-actions

These insights are paired with practical tips that encourage learners to build new habits. Lasting habit formation comes from learning through repeated behaviors so they can ultimately be triggered with no effort. This principle underpins the personalized interventions suggested by the digital coach. Behavioral change is encouraged via tiny, hard-to-fail, micro-actions that can be instantly practiced and become incredibly powerful when repeated over time.

Practical tools to drive talent growth.

Tracking progress 

The power of measuring and celebrating small wins is often underestimated in the process of driving change. The digital coach provides support through tools that help learners log incremental achievements towards their behavioral goals. The practice of recognizing and rewarding accomplishments triggers a positive chain reaction towards driving more action. Learners are provided visibility into how far they have come which encourages them to stay committed to their development.  

Continuous nudging

Learning is a journey and on some days it can be difficult to muster up the enthusiasm to keep going. Ongoing support, tailored to individual motivations, is provided by the digital coach through AI-powered nudges. Learners are prompted to sustain their efforts through reminders, words of inspiration and ideas to keep themselves motivated.   

The prospect of realizing one’s full potential and taking on more challenges can seem more daunting today. Habits however can be incredibly grounding. Learning how to lean into our strengths and mitigate our risks can supercharge our development. Taking this focused approach and building a strong foundation through incremental behavior change acts as a catalyst towards longer-term transformation.

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