Turn awareness into action with DynaMo

Reece Akhtar
February 28, 2023

We are pleased to announce the launch of DynaMo, the next evolution of assessment feedback!

Every employee needs accurate and personalized feedback to achieve their full potential. Sadly, most feedback is biased, impractical, or reserved only for senior leaders.

Powered by the Core Drivers and our modern assessment platform, DynaMo provides dynamic in-the-moment feedback that turns self-awareness into action.

DynaMo is built for the modern organization and unlocks performance across every level.

Turn awareness into action with dynamic feedback.

Activate awareness

One of the challenges with traditional assessments is that there's no way to act on your new self-awareness. No longer.

With DynaMo you can say goodbye to static PDF reports and provide every person in your organization with weekly feedback that is personalized to their unique strengths and risks. Ongoing and immediate, employees receive the feedback they need to do their best work.

Scientifically engineered, human designed

DynaMo is powered by the Core Drivers Diagnostic and tailored to each employee’s talent profile. Feedback is carefully designed by our expert coaches to support behavior change: it’s bitesized, practical, and can be customized to your competency frameworks.

Demonstrable ROI

DynaMo improves performance at every level. Built for individuals, teams and leaders, you can expect to improve performance by 25%, engagement by 40%, and retention by 50%. DynaMo activates self-awareness in three simple steps:

Feedback for all, not the few

For too long, people have gone without unbiased and meaningful feedback — unless they are a senior leader. If organizations are to stay competitive and grow in an increasingly complex world, it is paramount that everyone is able to achieve their full potential at work. DynaMo is the next step in our mission to democratize feedback and build more self-aware, talent-centric organizations.

To learn how DynaMo can unlock your people’s talent through scientific and dynamic feedback, watch a live demo webinar or schedule a chat with our CEO, Reece Akhtar. He can share how our tools have improved the performance of teams from companies such as Omega Energia, Golden Goose and Mediabrands.

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