Meet the new Core Drivers Pro report

Reece Akhtar
February 2, 2023

Our transformational Core Drivers Pro report has just gotten better!

With a completely reimagined online report, it is now easier than ever for people to get the feedback that they need to thrive.

Carefully listening to our customers, the redesigned Core Drivers Pro report is easier to navigate, embark on Learning Journeys, and receive talent feedback that drives job performance. You can explore the new Core Drivers Pro report here.

Whether it’s the C-Suite or the shop floor, the Core Drivers Pro report turns self-awareness into action. Available in over 10 languages, powered by machine-learning and highly predictive, the Core Drivers is the most advanced personality assessment on the market.

The Deeper Signals Platform goes deeper

We closed Q4 of 2022 with an array of new updates to the Deeper Signals platform:

  • Core Values PDF reports
  • Core Drivers Coaching Report
  • Advanced user filters and permissions powered by HRIS integrations
  • Enhanced competency dashboards
  • And much much more…

In case you missed it, check out our release notes for more information.

Want to learn more?

Let’s schedule a time to chat. Our solutions team can walk you through the new report and share how we’re helping organizations around the world increase the performance, retention and engagement of their employees.

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